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Coutts Sailors' Home was named for Rev. James Coutts. He negotiated with the government to acquire the land and raised much of the money to build the home as a safe haven for sailors staying in the port of Newcastle, Australia. Its opening was considered so important that there was a public holiday a marching band and a big party!

The foundation stone was moved to a wall some time later. It is still there and is yet to be renovated; but it doesn't acknowledge Coutts!

There is on this Clan Coutts site an article about the Rev Coutts - and indeed a picture of the Sailors Home when it first opened. A few years after the official opening the building was modified and a two storey verandah was was always on the plans, but extra funding was required.

We have recently completely renovated (from derelict) Coutts Sailors Home. (

A couple of recent articles about the renovation are: and

We would love to hang a picture of James Coutts in the dining room, and I'm hoping someone can help. We have this image: 

...but wondered if anyone else had others - or indeed any further information!

Out of interest, Rev. James Coutts also married Jane Mason Ross and Edmund Barton, a barrister who became Australia's first Prime Minister.

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