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This website concentrates on Scottish Genealogy and Heraldry however there is an incredible volume of information available on General and Country specific Heraldry. Links follow to some of the most useful sites



Ancestry Scotland

The Scottish DNA Project

Administered by the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and hosted by Family Tree DNA. Currently the project has over 2700 participants who are using Y-DNA (paternal) or mtDNA (maternal) to connect with their genetic kin. To find out more visit the project website at.

Scotlands People Connecting Generations



Scot Clans


A guide to the Clans and Tartans of Scotland: From Scottish Clan Information to Clan Merchandise, Handmade Kilts, Highland Outfits ... everything a true Scot should need and know.

The Council of Scottish Armigerous Clans and Families


Wikipedia - Scottish Clan


COSCA Council of Scottish Clans and Associations


Official Scottish Clans and Families - a list of clans registered with the Court of the Lord Lyon


"Clans, Families and Septs" by Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw Bt.


All hail the chiefs: The unlikely leaders of Scotland's Modern Clans, The Independent, July 19, 2009


A history of Scottish clans ancestry - the Official Gateway to Scotland website


Scottish Clans and Septs


Map Showing the Districts of the Highland Clans of Scotland  - a very large map


Scottish surnames  - an excerpt concerning the history of Scottish surnames, from Scotland's History: Approaches and Reflections by Gordon Donaldson



The Scottish Tartan Register


Scottish Tartans Authority


The Sources of the tartans or The history of recording tartan - a lecture on how tartans have been recorded




The Court of the Lord Lyon  - the heraldic authority of Scotland

Burkes Peerage - Scotland


The Heraldry Society of Scotland


The Society of Scottish Armigers



Scottish History Online

Scottish Highland history



The Internet Archive

A digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, they provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.


UK National Archives



Britain and Ireland Genealogy

British Military Genealogy

Family History Family Trees

Family Tree DNA


Wider Sources


Roll of Arms

Byzantine heraldry

Socialist heraldry

Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada at this page

External links

The Heraldry Site offers a fair collection of blazons from Burke's General Armory. catalogues a large number of European noble titles and heraldry   awesome




Ordinary of Scottish Arms : Sir J. Balfour Paul - 1893
A System of Heraldry Vol 1 : A. Nisbet - 1816
A System of Heraldry Vol 2 : A. Nisbet - 1816

Armorials of the County of Orkney : H.L. Norton Smith - 1902
Dormant or Forfeit Peerage of Scotland : W.O. Hewlett - 1882
Epitaphs & Inscriptions in the North East of Scotland Vol 1 : A. Jervise - 1875
Epitaphs & Inscriptions in the North East of Scotland Vol 2 : A. Jervise - 1879
Inscriptions from the Shields or Panels in Trinity Hall Aberdeen : A. Jervise - 1863
Land of the Lindsays : A. Jervise 2nd Ed - 1882
The Heraldry of the Stewarts : G. Harvey Johnston - 1906
The Law & Practice of Heraldry in Scotland : G. Seton - 1863
Scottish Armorial Seals : W.R. MacDonald - 1904
Scottish Arms Vol 1 : R.R. Stodart - 1881
Scottish Arms Vol 2 : R.R. Stodart - 1881
The Arms of the Baronial & Police Burghs of Scotland : John, Marquess of Bute - 1903
The Town Council Seals of Scotland : A. Porteous - 1906
The Peerage of Scotland : E. Kimber - 1767
Memorials of Angus & The Mearns Vol 1 : A. Jervise - 1885
Memorials of Angus & The Mearns Vol 2 : A. Jervise - 1885
An Essay on the Ancient & Modern Use of Armories : A. Nisbet - 1718


wider reading

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