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Clach Choutsaich - "Stone of the Coutts" - see seperate Tab.

Coutts Crossing, New South Wales - A village located in New South Wales, Australia.

Coutts Inlet, Coutts Island and Coutts Lyndsay Island. Nunavut, Canada

Coutts & Co. (commonly abbreviated to Coutts)  is one of the UK's private banking houses, now wholly owned by the The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Coutts, Alberta Coutts  is a village in Alberta and the location of one of the busiest Canada – US border crossings

Coutts Memorial Museum  of Art, Kansas.

The  Coutts Collection; A University of Calgary Library Special Collection.

Coutts Mercedes, Auckland,NZ

Coutts Geographical names:

Its slightly humorous that in the ocean off the Phillipines is a Coutts Bank (as in the Grand Banks)

Couts Cemetery United States Cemetery

Couts Family Cemetery United States Cemetery

Coutta Cemetery United States Cemetery

Coutts Bank Philippines bank

Coutts Creek New Zealand stream

Coutts Inlet Canada bay

Coutts Island New Zealand populated place

Coutts Lindsay Island Canada island

Coutts River Canada stream

Coutts Stream New Zealand stream

Coutts Canada populated place

Coutts Commercial Tavern 


Designation:   Parish
LGA:   Tenterfield
Coutts Creek
Designation:   Gully
LGA:   Wollongong
Coutts Crossing
Designation:   Locality
LGA:   Clarence Valley
Coutts Crossing Public School
Designation:   School
LGA:   Clarence Valley
Coutts Crown
Designation:   Mountain
LGA:   Tenterfield
Coutts Gully
Designation:   Gully
LGA:   Wollongong
Coutts Gully
Designation:   Gully
LGA:   Wyong
Coutts Point
Designation:   Point
LGA:   Wyong
Coutts Water
Designation:   River


coot -  a water fowl


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