Clan Coutts Society

Clan Coutts Society

Bartlett - Burdett - Coutts (exemplified to William Ashmead Bartlett Bcrdett Coutts, Esq., of
Piccadilly, M.A. Oxford). Quarterly, first and 4th, Codtts;
arg. a stag's head erased gu. betw. the attires a pheon az. the
whole within a bordure embattled of the last charged with
four buckles or, for distinction in the dexter chief point a
cross crosslet also gu. ; 2nd, Burdett, az. two bars or, each
charged with three martlets gu. for distinction in the centre
chief point a cross crosslet gold ; 3rd, Bartlett, as above.
Crtsti—CocTTS, a man from the middle shooting an arrow
from a bow all ppr. charged for distinctiim with a cross
crosslet or. On the dexter side the crest of Burdett, a lion's
head erased sa. charged for distinction with a cross crosslet
or, and on the sinister side, the crest of Bartlett, as above.

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