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Tornabirrack, Banffshire

Tornabirrack, near Congash, near Grantown-on-Spey, Banffshire, now Moray.

aka Tornambirack (my ancestor records) (Tornbirreck, Tornimbirach ) 

Tornabirrack has been surveyed and listed by the  Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland. Its location, near Grantown-on-Spey can by identified in Ordinance survey 6 inch Inverness shire 1871, please also note the other maps of the same area.

Maps of Great Britain with Scotland marked and of  Scotland and the North East with Aberdeenshire/ Banffshire area marked are linked. For further context further maps are linked, Strathdon & Kirkmichael - Cromar to Corgarff to Tomintoul and Tomintoul and Grantown-on-Spey including Tornabirrack south of Grantown.

This now a collection of grass covered, one meter high, low walls of what seems to be approximately three crofts or agricultural buildings together with outlying stone fences.

It is marked on the 19xx OS map by name, it is not named in the current 19xx edition but the ruins are noted

My research shows my gg grandparents and family lived in this crfoft and were present in the 2 census of x and y.

A Mr X Grant, an officer on half pay, is shown as living in Congash  with some servants including one Margaret Coutts, daughter of. I would speculate that X was the landownwer and nearby Coutts were tenant crofters at Tornabirrack.

My G Grandfather, James, was illigimate, his mother Z was from Bel which is nearby, infact it is visible where the distillery is. J left there to emigrate to Australia in 185x



A larger number of photos are available at my Tornimbirrack photographs


Linked is a history relating to the Congash owners , Grant and Elgin Raid

A further book relating to the family is:



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