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Richard (Condie), TALBOT

provided by descendant of Arthur Edwin COUTTS


Richard Coutts and Janet Condie with their first child
George Condie Coutts, born in Talbot

On 31st August 1673 Walter COLT married Jane ROWAN at Tulliallan Perthshire Scotland. Tuilliallan was a tiny village about one mile from Kincardine and three miles from Alloa. Most of the population was employed as agricultural labourers and sailors, until 1830's -60's when many of the men worked in the quarry or distillery.

It was not uncommon to have a second Marriage service in the bride's home kirk sometims so the local minister could be sure the couple had really married. We assume that Jane ROWAN was born in Culross as this is where another wedding was held on 6 November 1673 between Walter and Jane.

Walter and Jane COLT had their first 3 children at Culross:-


James COULTIN born 8 March 1675 christened 15 March 1675
Margt COULT christened 19 January 1677
John COULT christened 23 February 23 February 1679
Spelling of names varied as very few people could read and write and names were recorded as the scribe heard it spoken.

In Tulliallan the following 6 children were born:-


Margaret COLT christened 18 June 1681
Charles COULTS christened 29 May 1684
Walter COULTS christened 29 May 1684
JAMES COLT christened 19 May 1687
Robert COLT christened 19 May 1687
Alexander COULT christened 27 July 1689.

The next 5 Generations were born at Tulliallan:-

On 13 July 1705 James continued the line by marrying Elizabeth CROCKET, born 9 July 1685 and had seven children.
Bessie born 21 October 1706 christened 27 October 1706
Janet christened 3 December 1705
Robert christened 31 May 1712
Andrew christened 15 August 1714
William christened 4 November 1716
Andrew christened 19 June 1719
GILBERT christened 13 June 1722.

Gilbert COULT christened 13 June 1722 married on 14 August1755 to Betty/Bettie DAVIDSON on 14 August 1755. Their children are:
James COUTTS born 2 July 1756 christened 4 July 1756
John COUTTS born 3 May 1758 christened 7 May 1758
Robert COUTTS born 16 June 1760 chr. 19 June 1760 died aged 4 and a half months on 2 Nov 1760 due to whooping cough.
Richard COUTTS born 6 December 1762 christened 9 December 1762 became a sailor and was married Jean SORLIE ON 4 January 1792 at Tulliallan Perthshire Scotland. 

Jean SORLIE was born 30 August 1772 at Tulliallan Perthshire Scotland, daughter of Henry SORLIE and Margaret DEWAR who had 2 children, Jean and John SORLIE born 1877.
Richard COUTTS and Jean SORLIE had 11 children:-
Margaret born 17 December 1793 christened 22 December 1793,
Gilbert born 17 July 1795 christened 28 July 1795,
Betty 20 Sept 1797 christened 23 Sept 1797,
Janet born 28 Sept 1801 christened 2 October 1801,
Henry born 23 December 1803 christened 31 December 1803,
Jean 4 December 1805 christened 13 Dec 1805,
JOHN COUTTS born 4 Jan 1808 christened 9 Jan 1808,
Anne/Ann born 13 August 1810 christened 16 August 1810
Richard born 15 November 1815 christened 21 Nov 1815
David born 28 May 1815 christened 5 June 1815
Agnes born 1820.
Their 7th child John COUTTS was born on 4 Jan 1808 at Tulliallan Perthshire Scotland and died 1 Sept 1862. The mother of his children (they never married) was Christina HALL born 18 July 1809 christened 23 July 1809 at Tulliallan Perthshire the 6th child of John HALL born Tulliallan and Ann WATSON (married 6 Jan 1799 at Clackmann, Clackmannanshire Scotland). Christina's siblings were: John HALL born 1799, Thomas 1800, Margaret 1802, William 1804, Anne 1807, Janet 1810, James 1811, Mary 1813, Elizabeth 1816 and John 1818.
Christian HALL was pregnant by John COUTTS in May 1830 aand they appeared before the Sessions at the Church of Scotland to be rebuked, admonished and absolved for "prenuptial fornication" on 16 May 1830, 25 July & 15 Aug.
It is believed that a daughter Ann was born prior to being absolved on 15 Aug 1830.
Their daughter Ann appears to have been living with John's father Richard COUTTS (her grandfather and aunts) as the Census of 1841 for Tulliallen states:
Richard COUTTS, sailor age 70 born Tulliallen (no wife living - Jean had passed away)
Four unmarried daughters, Janet 30, Jane 25, Agnes 20 and ANN 9.
On the 8 April 1832, Christian HALL was up in front of the Sessions for the second time, she declared that she was with child to John COUTTS and that the guilt was committed on the night of the Kincardine Fair. John COUTTS failed to appear the first 3 times, he appeared on 30 Sept 1832, however he did not reappear until 4 years later on 22 August 1838 when the issue was finally resolved, he was rebuked and suitably admonished by the Moderator.
At this stage no records of the births to John COUTTS and Christian HALL can be found, it appears that John COUTTS was living and working in Alloa and went back and forth to Tulliallen, as his family was there, and it would seem that he may have had an ongoing relationship with Christian HALL, however they were never to marry.

John COUTTS and Christian HALL had their son Richard COUTTS on 11 May 1832 at Alloe Scotland and the 1841 census reveals that their son Richard was living with Christian HALL's parents:
Address Dalywhamie Tulliallen, John HALL, labourer, age 60 born county of Perth.
Ann, age 60 born county of Perth
Mary, age 25 born county of Perth
Elizabeth, age 20 born county of Perth
Ritchard Cowth, Age 9, born county of Perth (this is Richard COUTTS).
In the meantime John COUTTS has moved from Alloa approximately 6 miles north east to Dollar and he meets and marries Janet MUNRO on 9 December 1837.
Their first four children were born in Dollar:
Amelia was born on 9 October 1838 and christened on 9 December 1838
John born 20 March 1840
Jean born 17 Nov 1841
Helen born 15 March 1844.
They then moved 4 miles south west to Tillcoultry where the following children were born:
Hugh born early 1846 christened 22 Feb 1846
Gilbert born 1849 christened 15 July 1849
Janet born 19 October 1852
Margaret born 9 August 1856.
John COUTTS died at 39 High Street Tillicoultry on 5th March 1862 aged 54 years.
Christian HALL had another child out of wedlock on 30 April 1839, she was also at Tillcoultry. The father was listed as Thomas BOTTOMLEY and their son's name was Robert BOTTOMLEY.
Christian HALL remained unmarried and when she died in Tillcoultry in 1874 aged 63, her death was registered as Christian HALL.
Her son Robert BOTTOMLEY and his step brother Hugh COUTTS (son of John COUTTS and Janet MUNRO) were both Woolen weavers at Tillicoultry.
Most likely the COUTTS, HALLS and BOTTOMLEY families all knew each other.
We assume that Richard COUTTS (son of John COUTTS and Christian HALL), would have remained living with his  maternal grandparents, the HALLS until he was old enough to go to work. In the 1951 Census of Alloa, Richard is aged 17, listed as a servant on Bridge End farm. The farmer's name was James JACK aged 60 and living with him was his brother William JACK aged 56 and sisters Marjory, 58 and Janet 53 (all unmarried).

On 18 January 1854, Richard departs Liverpool on the ship "Indian Queen" bound for Australia.
On 23 Nov 1864 at Presbyterian Church Ondit, Victoria, Richard COUTTS married Janet CONDIE.
Janet was born on 12 May 1844 at Kirkcaldy Fifeshire Scotland and died on 29 Mar 1921 at Rupanyup Victoria Australia.
Richard COUTTS died on 18 Feb 1891 in Rupanyup Victoria Australia, where he is buried.
Janet CONDIE'S Pedigree is as follows:
Mathew CONDIE born about 1761 at Dysart Fife Scotland, married on 9 Dec 1786 at Dysart Fife to Catherine HORN born 4 Jan 1765 at Dysart Fife (daughter of Andrew HORN and Agnes PHILLIP). Mathew CONDIE and Catherine HORN had 5 children - Andrew CONDIE born 1790, Agnes 1794, David 1801, George 1805 and Robert 1807.
Andrew (the eldest child) was born 11 Nov 1790 at Burntisland Fife Scotland. At Canongate Edinburg Midlothain Scotland on 2 Mar 1814, he married Margaret PENMAN born 1794 (daughter of George PENMAN) and Andrew CONDIE and Margaret PENMAN had 7 children - Janet CONDIE born 1814, Mathew 1820-1892, Margaret 1821, George 1824-1877, Andrew 1828, David 1829-1916 and Sophia 1837.
George CONDIE (child number 4) was born 6 Feb 1824 at Auchterderran Fifeshire Scotland and died at Cundare Victoria Australia on 18 October 1877. On 10 May 1844 at Markinch Fife Scotland he married Margaret BLACK (born 14 July 1819 at Darzie Fife Scotland and died 23 June 1881 at Cundare Victoria Australia). Margaret was the third daughter of James BLACK born 1788 and Janet MACKIE born 1788 (the daughter of James MACKIE, Occupation - Brewer). James BLACK was born 28 Mar 1788 at Leuchars Fifeshire Scotland, the 6th child of David BLACK and Janet RAMSEY. The other children were:- Margaret BLACK born 1779, Magdalen 1781-1852, William 1783, Agness 1784, David 1786 and Katherine 1790. James BLACK and Janet MACKIE married on 11 Feb 1815 at Leuchars Fifeshire Scotland, and their children were: David BLACK born 1816, James 1817, Margaret (CONDIE) 1819-1881, William 1821, John 1822 and Janet 1829.

George CONDIE and Margaret CONDIE (nee BLACK) are the parents of Janet CONDIE who was born 12 May 1844 and married Richard COUTTS (as mentioned previously).

Richard COUTTS and Janet CONDIE had 12 children:-
George Condie COUTTS 1865-1946
Richard COUTTS 1866-1954
John Hall COUTTS 1868-1948
Andrew COUTTS 1870-1953
William COUTTS 1872-1943
James Black COUTTS 1874-1960
Charles David COUTTS 1876 - 1953
TWINS:- Albert Walter COUTTS 1878-1968 #
Margaret Black COUTTS 1878-1969
Thomas Alexander COUTTS 1880 - died 20 Nov 1941 at Forbes Hospital as result of accident at farm at Wirringa.
Arthur Edwin COUTTS 1881-1967
David Henry COUTTS 1883-1963
This family line continues with the 9th child Albert Walter COUTTS, father of Margaret Sarah FORD (nee COUTTS

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