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Thmoas Coutts, the founder of Coutts Bank, it likely the best known Coutts. He is a Scotsman who moved from Edinburgh to London. When he died he was one of Englands wealthiest men.

Thomas story is presented under the Scottish tab and his heraldry under the Heraldry tab and details relating to his daughters and their desendants, togther with other English Coutts,  are under the English tab 

The 3 daughters of Thomas Coutts all married into the English aristocracy. Their heraldry then became far more complex than the Scots grants with multiple- quarterings, and surnames. For example the surname of four names: Rt. Hon. William Lahman Ashmead Burdett-Coutts-Bartlett-Coutts later Bartlett-Burdett-Coutts

At this stage our priority is Scottish families however if research can be supplied in this area we are happy to post or link to it.


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